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Alexandra Whatley

If you need help with moving this is the best company. I had to postpone and cancel dates two times because of lawyers and they have been very understanding and didn’t let me down, despite the short notice they promised to help and they did. They came on time and moved us from 8:00 am till 22:00 on the day as we moved to a different town. This team is really friendly and they bent over backwards to make our moving day extremely pleasant. To explain the context, we moved from a first floor flat with a narrow entrance and with most of the moving boxes in the attic to a house 55 miles away where they had to place things on three floors, sometimes in the rain, then had to go back and do another round by car and didn’t stop till everything was in the right place. I have done a lot of research on removals companies and price wise this was the best, I just didn’t expect the quality to be top notch!!! I have woken up at 6 am on my first day in the new house desperate to leave a review and whatsapp my friends with their contact for when they move because they have been truly amazing and professional! This is out of my own initiative as well, so you can imagine how happy me and my husband are with their services!

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